COMPLETED: Islander Sewing Systems City Western Blouse #210

01138195de65c9a210e77b5e63c3fef5fe9372fdf3One day I was sitting outside of a Starbucks waiting for a meeting with my manager and this young woman walked by that caught my eye.  I probably looked a little strange staring at another chick, but who cares….I wanted to get the look since she was dressed the way I like to dress….Jeans, cowboy boots and a western shirt.  Anyone else find themselves staring at people that you want to copy their clothes?

When I was looking for fabric for my cape, I bought this great poly/rayon plaid twill…without a use in mind.  Then  I remembered that I had this pattern in my stash that I thought I’d never use because when I got it, I was not at all experienced enough to make a button up shirt.  Funny how things progress and minds change!  Thank goodness stashes exist…it was perfect!  The interesting thing is that it is the same pattern company that my cape came from and when I received my fabric, I immediately loved how they complemented each other.  It was a match made in heaven!

note:  I won this pattern along with some fat quarters of Pendelton Wool about 3 years ago at the Sewing Expo in Puyallup, WA Continue reading

COMPLETED: Cape Super Express #224

ISS Cape
ISS Cape

Besides the awkward name of this pattern, it is on trend right now and I liked this as soon as I saw it. I pre-ordered it from Islander Sewing Systems when I got the email from Janet Pray. The hefty price tag made me pause a day or two, but I kept thinking about it and went ahead because there was a discount for the pre-order.  I like her method of factory techniques so I was sure to be happy.

I’ve never owned a cape before and with the rapidly decreasing temperatures, I began searching for the perfect fabric and found this AWESOME Wool/Poly blend at Fabric Mart (sold out, wah). It is a heavy weight Boucle suiting and was $5/yard; can’t beat that!  I had some really nice silk lining I’d purchased 2 1/2 years ago from the Vogue Fabrics booth at the sewing expo in Puyallup, WA. I think I paid $6/yard, but since it was fairly old stash, I considered it FREE.  But seriously it cost me $27 in fabric, $20 for the pattern and $5 for the buttons for a total of $52.  I’m not certain, but if I bought it RTW, I might have paid over $200 bucks!

The pattern boasts garment industry techniques, thus the “Express” as well as no fitting. Continue reading