More Harriet Bra Fun!


This week has been full of lingerie making. I know bras are all I have been sharing lately, but it’s just s fun 😍. I swear, every time I go to cleanup my studio, I see some lace scraps and get completely inspired. And it helps that we’ve just had Valentine’s Day…what better way to celebrate than with some new handmade pretty things 😊.

I’ll share the most recent edition, a bra with panties to match. This lace is spectacular but I can’t recall where I bought it, although it was either ArteCraftShop or TailorMade.

Harriet version C, Watson Bikini

The next is a satin and lace beauty. The lace was left over from the halter bra I made that can be seen here and the satin was from SewSassy. I even had enough lace for 2 different panty styles. The first is with my fave Watson Bikini and the other are Esme by EvieLaLuve.

This bra is the most comfy and well-fitting underwire bra I’ve ever had.

Thanks for indulging me. ❤️



Back in the Saddle!

I have been absent from the blogosphere, and so soon after I jumped in. So sad 😞…

It’s funny, to me at least, because I have been lamenting this absence since December. Then this “Pass the Pattern” opportunity rose up, I entered the draw and started another blog draft post with an idea to take it a step further.  All the while thinking, Murphy’s law would rear its head….and I would be the winner and my draft would again sit in a holding pattern along with the others.  And YEP! I was the winner!!!! Yay me, I am so happy, excited and a little scared all at the same time.  Lesley’s and Marijana’s Issy posts were fun and I hope mine will be at least in line with there’s.  If you are wondering what this Pass the Pattern is, click here and here to read all about how it began.

 for the Style Arc Issy   
Back in November I had a draft of my Christmas sewing done and waiting for pictures and happily wrapped all of my handmade gifts then realized I hadn’t photographed them …baaaah! So I thought, no biggie… I’ll just ask each of the recipients to send me a pic of them wearing there prize, good idea, right? WRONG!!!! Not a one and even after I asked a 2nd and 3rd time 😢. This post is still sitting in my drafts where it will undoubtedly remain…a sort of morgue for blogging. 

Then, I had a family member with a serious medical situation and life sort of took over, so no blogging time. 

Well, now I’m ready to get back into the sewing blog saddle 🤓.  Thank you Marijana’s and Lesley!!!! Stay tuned as I wait by my mailbox for the Issy…

What’s with the NAME?

I am back to the wonderful world of blogging. I stopped about a year ago as I lost the drive. I wasn’t connected to my blog name and found it hard to relate to it anymore. So you may ask what’s sew a button…on your undrware mean…where does it come from?

My son is all grown up now, but when he was young and in his challenging years, yes we all know what that means.  Here’s an example of a routine conversation:
Me: Its going to be a nice weekend!.
Son: So
Me: So [sew] a button on your underwear.

Silly and some may say “what…that is random”, but it makes me crazy when someone responds with “so” in a conversation.  I find it lazy and downright rude.  I have said “so a button on your underwear” more than a million times in the last 15 years and it sort of become my signature with my close friends and family. Since my joy is with sewing, I wanted to use it in my sewing life. Thus my “Sew-a-Button-On-Your-Underware” blog!

For those who want to join me in celebrating the joy of sewing, I will share my finished projects.  As my blog grows, I will be adding the tips and techniques I’ve learned along the way….there are so many different ways to do the same thing, maybe my way will appeal to you.  I also hope that I can inspire some to tackle a garment that they may not otherwise think is possible.

I have a few ideas that I will be posting in the coming weeks, so stay tuned and I hope you will subscribe so you will know when I’ve posted a new article.

Happy sewing and “Sew a button on your underwear!”