COMPLETED: Almada, Silk Robe


I am in love…

I subscribe to Seamwork Magazine and have since it’s inception.  If you don’t know, it’s an e-magazine (aka ezine) put out by Collete Patterns monthly.  As a subscriber, you get credits to use towards patterns published with the magazine.  A few months ago they featured lingerie and one of the patterns was Almada.  She is a very loose and airy robe, perfect for the up and coming Summer!  I have wanted to make this up, but was waiting for the perfect fabric pairing.

I think I’ve found it.  I have an out of control stash, and finding that it overwhelms me at times.  I bought this silk panel (5yards/panels) a couple of years ago on a huge sale.  I think I paid $5 per yard/panel.  I thought I would be using it for lining a jacket.  That of course never materialized…pun!  AlmadaFront (2)

As of late, my sewing has been flopping…not going well at all.  Of course, it is primarily with bra-making.  So I needed a success darn-it!!

Even with a slippery fiddly fabric like silk, I set out to make this a success and think I hit the mark.  I sort-of experimented with finishing techniques throughout because I just didn’t want to waist any time and wanted a completed garment.  I did however read through the instructions twice to make sure I was not going to miss any special notes.  The construction is very basic and will allow the beginner sewist to learn a technique or two, so is a good easy pattern for a newer sewist to grow in her techniques.

On with my robe.  A couple of considerations I needed to sort out before I began cutting, were how to handle the panels with regard to placement of the pattern pieces.  Silk is not friendly with handling so I wanted to make sure much of the seams appeared intentional as far as placement even if I couldn’t pattern match everywhere.

As it turned out, the back piece (original has a CB seam) could fit nicely over the whole medallion so I omitted the CB seam and centered the motif.  For the front pieces, I tried to place them so that the shoulder seam could match somewhat.  The border around the medallion matches quite nicely although the rest of it not so much.  The coloring of the print makes it not so noticeable so I am very happy with the finish.  When I layed it out flat to mark the tie placement, I noticed the the medallion on the front is an exact match to the back ….wooohooo!! I didn’t even think about that and was a very happy accident 🙂  For the hem, I chose to forgoe the baby hem and used the 3-thread rolled hem on my serger…she does very well with this stitch.  The only thing I am not super pleased with is the side/underarm and shoulder seam finishes.  These were the first seams I did and used a combo of finishes to decide what I wanted.  The first was straight stitch with 3-thread narrow overlock…my serger would not cooperate and it is quite messy (thus no pictures of the inside).  The second was the overcast stitch on my standard sewing machine which I trimmed close.  It is not bad, just not as professional as I like.

After I was done, I remembered a tutorial done by Gail Yellen (YouTube) where she demonstrated how to make a tidy narrow seam finish similar to a french seam with your serger.  Darn-it, I should have done this but it was too late at that point…next time, right?


I have never had a Summer robe, and certainly not one made of 100% silk, but now I do and feel my sewing mojo coming back :)!  This robe makes me feel so feminine and pretty.  I say, every woman needs a beautiful silk robe to remind her that she is beautiful and worthy of luxury.  Go forth and make yourself something luscious and pretty.  Thanks for reading 🙂

x G

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Gifting DIY-style!

Every year I am in a mad dash to create a “Hand-made Christmas”.  I have been doing this for years now and I think my family has come to expect a gift not bought.  Not in a bad way, or at least I hope not …yikes!  One motivator for me is, of course the creativity, but more so…the rushed timeline I end up pushing on myself.  I really do work much better on a tight pressed deadline.  Crazy…yes, I am crazy!

Who doesn’t love a hand made gift?  And seriously, when we are all grown up…do we really NEED anything?  I swear my Mom asked me every year up until a couple of years ago, for a Christmas List!  I have always disliked sitting down and greedily listing all the things that I wished someone else would buy for me.  However, when I was young…I had no problem perusing the Sears catalog and writing down every last toy I just had to have :).  Besides, when someone knows you, I mean really knows you, they should be able to figure out some meaningful type of gift.  Some may consider this weird or ungrateful….but I just don’t like asking for things.

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All the pictures above are from the websites/bloggers below…give credit where it’s due!

So without further ado, here is a list of some fairly easy and fun/cool things you might enjoy making up for someone on your Christmas trail this year.

Pretty Pillow Cases

Spirits for the gift maker or …

Arm Warmers…for the teen or hip chick!

Super cute, on-trend leather clutch

Yummy nuggets for your doggies!

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A pretty cool lunch sack…for a dude in your life 

Rope Bowl: A gift perfect for the “I don’t know what to give her/him”

Tilly’s Eye Mask: Do you know someone who could use help getting to sleep?

A relaxing neck warmer: Here is a gift to make for yourself AND someone else…they will love you forever!

Every girl needs a cosmetic bag

If you have any others that you’d like to share….please leave a comment so I can check them out…always looking for ideas.