A New Sewing Studio!

One week ago today I was finishing my coffee and new that I needed to do a thorough cleanup of my studio and NOT looking forward to it. It was as if a hurricane had run through there! I’m not kidding thread and fabric bits everywhere and I mean EVERYWHERE. I wish I had taken a picture of it to show you. Some of you may be able to relate, sometimes when the creative juices are flowing you just can’t stop to cleanup.


My room used to be my son’s and I took it over when he moved out. The carpeting in there was the same as when we bought the house and probably the original from when the previous owners added on to the house. So we’re talking probably at least 20 years old….just gross!  Carpeting in a sewing space is not at all practical, everything sticks to it and the vacuum takes a huge beating having all that thread tangling around the brush roller. I’ve wanted to replace the floor for a long time, but we had other things more priority than my fun space.

Saturday, June 10, 2016 at approximately 10 am, I’d had it. Here is how it went:

Me: Honey (to my husband), What would you say if I told you I wanted to move everything out of my sewing room, rip out the carpet, go buy some laminate flooring and install it.

Husband: I’d say, how can I help?

Me: Really? Great, I’m in the shower right now!

We discussed the plan and decided that it was time to sort through my fabric and create a keep box and a get rid of box. I wanted to clean out all my patterns too, but will do that another day…it’s a huge undertaking.

I won’t bore you with the rest, but am going to share my work in progress pictures and the final reveal, let’s face it we all love to lurk 😉

Flooring: Harmonics, Mill Creek Maple $26/box…we used 8 boxes

Thanks so much for sharing in my joy!!

x G

Winner! Pass-the-Pattern

Happy Mother’s Day for all the Mommas out there! I hope you all are spending your day with feelings of bliss.image

For new followers, PTP is explained here. With Spring in full swing and Summer close behind, this is a winner of a pattern. It sews up extremely fast and without sleeves, uses minimal yardage. For those in the Southern Hemisphere, the sleeve option and an appropriate fabrication…you will enjoy her as well.

With only two entries 😞, it was not necessary to use a random number generator…a bit overkill don’t ya think? So I put each name on a tiny folded post it and my husband picked from his cap.  Congratulations to Susan at susansewsdaily!  I will email you privately for your address, but you need to put your email address in the comments 😊. I can’t wait to see what Susan comes up with 😀.  As well, I am excited to get Susan’s pattern choice from her stash.

Thanks to the both of you, Deb and Susan for joining in on the fun. And thank you Marijana and Lesley for starting PTP.




Part II: PASS-THE-PATTERN ‘Issy Rides Again!’

Pass-the-Pattern is a fun sewing community event initiated by Marijana of Sew2Pro and Lesley of sewniptuck back in March.  You can read all about it here and here.  I received my Issy (from Lesley in Australia) after winning the drawing and it arrived about a week ago.  Following the rules of engagement, I mailed a stashed pattern of my choice to Lesley and just as I sat down to start this post…she emailed me that she had just received it…it is the StyleArc Poppy.  I had it in my stash for a looong time and just haven’t found the inspired fabric to make it up.  It was a freebie when I ordered another pattern and I happen to have 2 of them, well not anymore ;).  Can’t wait to see what she does with it…she is super creative and a very talented sewist.  Keep an eye out for her post.

Instruction for becoming part of this ride is at the very end of this post…read on or skip to the bottom if you just can’t wait 😀

Back to the Issy everlasting…


I haven’t had a sewing project keep me so consumed in a long while, now I can finally get a good night’s sleep.  She is done…

What a fun and exasperating ride it’s been.  My first trial Issy was actually pretty simple…no issues.  Only slight tweaking needs were found after she was finished.  I think one or two head scratching moments, but virtually no real issues.  I left the last post with needing to go to the fabric store as my overflowing stash did not show any promise for a summer-time version of this cutie-pie… a sleeveless top to show off my hopeful tanned arms.  During a sleepless in Seattle moment, I remembered I had some several yards of mesh knit that I bought when Fabric Mart was having a $1/yard sale extravaganza!

First thing in the morning after coffee of course, I pulled out my favorite, and BAM!  2 yards….hallelujah!  It is a nylon/lycra blend and very lightweight.  The adventure ensued…try approaching a raging river was in my sight.  I thought…do I really want to go there?  Or should I just bail and take the calmer waters, going to the fabric store and finding a nice and easy knit.  Naw, let’s go Issy…no turning back!  I love a challenge…I can do this!!!

I bought some Sullivan’s fabric stabilizer a couple of weeks back on recommendation from Lauren of Lladybird and it works like a charm!  IMG_1246

Here is a comparison shot…

Left = With Stabilizer     &     Right = Without Stabilizer…excuse the mess in the background!

I wasn’t sure if it would work so I tested it on a smaller piece…it worked like a charm!  I sprayed it while it was folded before cutting out the pattern…a tough wrangle but used pins in the selvage edge to keep it straight.  I used the recommendation from the can and put a dry iron over the spray to speed up the process.  I did both sides of the folded piece to ensure even coverage.

This mesh is super sheer so I cut a double layer of just the front so I wouldn’t have to where a cami under it…only a bra.  Don’t much care if anyone sees my back bra.  I took a photo of the top completed on a hanger before I threw it in the wash this morning to give y’all an idea of just how stiff it made the fabric…but very nice to handle while sewing.

see how it kind of poofs out, looking more like a cowl neck?

Having worked up a trial in the jersey, I had the weirdness worked out.  The fit adjustments I made were few.

  1. 5/8″ sway-back
  2. narrowed the shoulders 3/8″
  3. took an additional 5/8″ seam allowance at each side seam tapering to zero at the armscye (see my initial adjustments here)

For finishing the front neckline, I sewed the double front pieces right sides together between the notches which made for a really clean edge. Double bonus, it also stabilized a super stretchy fabric :).

Construction was a breeze, more or less….well until I got to the armscyes.  Here is where I began to really stress out!  I wanted to wad it up and throw it in the trash can!  I always sew before work every morning after coffee. It’s a great way to start my day on a happy note 🙂  Right?  Well, not so yesterday morning, when I so efficiently applied my favorite double-sided fusible hem tape preparing to turn under and top stitch the right armhole.  I even had time to stitch it so then all I had to do was the other side seam and hem the left armhole when I got home.  As soon as I got done, I realized that I was going to bind it properly as I like that finish much better and being mesh…it would looked terrible turned and top stitched.  Dang my impatience!

That evening…this is the view. Note the terrible monster looking expression…lol!!!

Hating on the seam ripping!

Have you E V E R tried removing 3.0mm lightning bolt stitches from mesh…..NOT FUN!!!  I could only tolerate 2 hours so I finished it this morning in better light after a night’s rest.  The result was a bit stretched out and a few tiny holes…nothing not remedied by some careful placement of binding.  When I finished…I was pleased overall.  There is a slight bobble, but I won’t point it out…if you find it…let me know I won’t be offended.  🙂  A non-sewer will never see it…teehee 😉

Here is the rest of my pics:




If you want to be part of this super fun ‘adventure-sewing’, here’s all you need to do:

  • Leave a comment by May 7th at midnight PST at the bottom of this post to go into the drawing. I will randomly choose a winner on Mother’s Day May 8, 2016.
  • The winner will be sent the Style Arc Issy by snail mail with stamps!
  • Blog about your Issy experience. No blog? not a problem, I would be pleased to publish for you, just contact me by leaving a comment on this blog post :).
  • You will then choose a new recipient from your commenters to send your Issy to
  • One addition that I have added…The Issy recipient is to add their State/Country on the piece of paper I have included in the pattern envelope…sort of like a Passport that has been stamped!!! Hope that is okay with Marijana and Lesley….
  • The recipient of ‘Issy’ should mail a mystery pattern of their choosing to the ‘Issy’ sender (you)
  • Blog/write about the mystery pattern you received in return for sending Issy onto a new home somewhere in the big wide world.

How many times will Issy be made and where in the world will it go? Can you pattern hack Issy? Help us play ‘Pass the Pattern’. Leave your comment at the bottom of this post to go into the drawing.



‘Issy’ Rides Again! [PASS THE PATTERN]

Back in March, on my birthday to be precise…I saw a cool post sharing this Issy experience and inviting readers to comment as an entry into this contest of sorts.  So I though what the heck!  And I won!!!  To be cliché, “I never win!”.


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Gifting DIY-style!

Every year I am in a mad dash to create a “Hand-made Christmas”.  I have been doing this for years now and I think my family has come to expect a gift not bought.  Not in a bad way, or at least I hope not …yikes!  One motivator for me is, of course the creativity, but more so…the rushed timeline I end up pushing on myself.  I really do work much better on a tight pressed deadline.  Crazy…yes, I am crazy!

Who doesn’t love a hand made gift?  And seriously, when we are all grown up…do we really NEED anything?  I swear my Mom asked me every year up until a couple of years ago, for a Christmas List!  I have always disliked sitting down and greedily listing all the things that I wished someone else would buy for me.  However, when I was young…I had no problem perusing the Sears catalog and writing down every last toy I just had to have :).  Besides, when someone knows you, I mean really knows you, they should be able to figure out some meaningful type of gift.  Some may consider this weird or ungrateful….but I just don’t like asking for things.

Free Sewing Pattern for a curved top cosmetic bag. Love the bow detail on the frontHow To Make Homemade Irish Cream LiqueurDIY Leather Strap Clutch Tutorial // Delia Creates

DIY Leather + Flannel Snap Scarf Tutorial // Delia CreatesHomemade Peanut Butter Dog Treats - The easiest homemade dog treats ever - simply mix, roll and cut. Easy peasy, and so much healthier than store-bought!Canvas & Leather Lunch Bag

All the pictures above are from the websites/bloggers below…give credit where it’s due!

So without further ado, here is a list of some fairly easy and fun/cool things you might enjoy making up for someone on your Christmas trail this year.

Pretty Pillow Cases

Spirits for the gift maker or …

Arm Warmers…for the teen or hip chick!

Super cute, on-trend leather clutch

Yummy nuggets for your doggies!

Not just any scarf….you gotta at least check this one out.

A pretty cool lunch sack…for a dude in your life 

Rope Bowl: A gift perfect for the “I don’t know what to give her/him”

Tilly’s Eye Mask: Do you know someone who could use help getting to sleep?

A relaxing neck warmer: Here is a gift to make for yourself AND someone else…they will love you forever!

Every girl needs a cosmetic bag

If you have any others that you’d like to share….please leave a comment so I can check them out…always looking for ideas.