MMMAY2016 week #1 Roundup!

My very first me made may participation has been a success. I wasn’t sure how I was going to post, daily or weekly or one big bang at the end of the month.  I think weekly is the way to go…it takes time to put together all the photos and words to go with. Besides, work has been in a word… a WHIRLWIND! (well 2words :))


My pledge was to wear an outfit daily, at least 2 me-made items. I am taking the weekend off…still wearing me-mades, but no selfies;).  Starting from top right…

Blouse: SilhouettePatterns #600; Boyfriend Jeans: Burda 6798

Top: PaprikaPatterns Onyx; Pant: Tessuti Demi

Jacket: BurdaStyle Sporty Parka; Pant: BurdaStyle 7447

Dress: Tessuti Annie; Sweater (not pictured 😦 sorry): MusePatterns Jenna Cardi

Skirt: PaulineAlice Rosari; Undies (definitely not pictured ;)): ClothHabit Watson Bikini

Reviews are coming on those not blogged already.

What have you worn…blogged, reviewed or not? Share in the comments…I love to read them :).

COMPLETED: Tessuti Demi Pant

Edited: like I promised….here are pics of my first Demi’s aka clown-pants. This is definitely a term of endearment! I love them….did I say that already?


As soon as this pattern came out…I made the purchase! I love this style…comfy and trendy. I tried a Style Arc Ethel Designer Pant pattern, sort of similar a while back and it was disastrous. I tried to alter the pattern and in my haste, I did not copy the master pattern and completely ruined it beyond recognition. So garbage it went :(.

But….this pant is super cute! I have had this Linen fabric in my stash for a IMG_1197while now, I think a year or so…bought for some culottes that never materialized. It is actually a border print with sort-of rayon embroidered multi-sized dots. I love me some polka dots :).

Preparing for the make, I tried on the fabric by coloring in the line drawing. IMG_1218I wanted a more random placement of the border, but was unable to achieve this due to only having 2 yards. I feared them looking like clown pants, which was the case with my Style Arc fail, and I love this fabric so wanted to avoid it at almost any cost. Hubs gave the thumbs up (he is really honest :/).
So off I went. The pattern instructions are very well done and include real pictures to boot. I didn’t need them, although admit to perusing and following along agreeably. The finished measurements that matter are provided for the size small..bonus! as this was my size according to the body measurements. BTW they are in metric, so you will need to convert to imperial if that is the way you roll. I am a shorty at 5’3″ so I shortened them by 2 inches and this happened to be the grayed out section on the pattern so I didn’t have to draw in my own cutting/folding lines-yay :). This fit is spot on. Here is a link to my [review] on PR if you like.

I confess, I’ve had these for 3weeks! And still forget to take a picture, argh!!! So all you get of my polky-dots is my sketch and swatch pic….I PROMISE TO TAKE A PICTURE THE VERY NEXT TIME I WEAR THEM!!
You will have to settle for pPair number two… Equally loved as they feel like I am wearing a cloud on each leg. I kid you not, they find my body at least once per pair per week.

Check out those genie shoes!!

The thing on this make that I am most proud of, is the bound hem…it looks so profesh!  A new technique I learned with this pant is how they did the waistband casing.  They call it a tunnel…cute ;).  After neatening the raw edge, they have you fold over the casing amount and then edge-stitch at the fold.  This is how the finished elasticated waist remains relatively flat looking …and profesh! I think I heard about this technique a while ago, but never occured to me to do until reading it in these instructions.

Have you seen these pants over at Tessuti?  If so…share a link in the comments to your finished pants.  If not, get on over their and get this pattern…you won’t be sorry ;).

#MMMAY16 …a first for ME

My Pledge:

I, Genevieve of Sew-a-Button-on-Your-Underware!, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’16.  I endeavor to wear an outfit including at least two me-made items each day for the duration of May 2016.

This is super exciting for this newbie blogger. Every year for the past six, I admire those whom participate and am in awe of the dedication to wearing handmade clothes. Each are proudly showing the once lost skill, now much more appreciated through, in part, the world wide online community of sewers like you and me ;).

My pledge also includes an unstated desire to advertise to all that sewing our own clothing is not merely a hobby, but instead a highly skilled art of  pairing a specially curated piece of cloth with a pattern chosen just for it.

If you too want to participate you can go here to read all about the deets and decide if it’s a fit for you!

Day 1 is perfect for a Sunny Sunday!

It’s the Rosari skirt reviewed here. I must disclose however, I did not make my top, I bought it about 6 years ago at Macy’s. But to justify, I made my undies 😜 so I still consider it an outfit, right?? I love this top and thought it was perfect paired with my skirt.

COMPLETED: 70’s inspired Rosari Skirt

I am working on my Summer wardrobe and loving the boho trend right now. This skirt caught my eye a while back.  About the pattern:  Rosari Skirt by Pauline Alice; A-Line skirt, button opening in front with two length choices. Included are FOUR, yes 4, pocket options. I chose the PDF for the sake of instant grat 😉 and it was quick to put together.

Sizing: Euro 34 to 48. I used size 40 which closely matched my body measurements. She says the pattern is drafted for a 5′ 5″ woman.

Fabric: she suggests a woven or medium weight fabric with body. Ideas are denim, courduroy, suede…etc. I really really wanted a denim skirt, my denim was a 3/4yd piece left over from some jeans I’d made some time ago. This would be my fitting muslin.
Notions:  I used spring snaps for my closure for two reasons. 1) I have an AMAZING snap press and it’s fun to use. And 2) who wants to sew 8 perfectly aligned buttonholes crossing fingers and praying the whole time?! Well not me ;).  I used regular thread that blended well as I did not want to detract from the zippers or snaps.  My zips are YKK jeans zippers, purchased at wawak.

Instructions:  I didn’t really need them, but as I’ve said before…I always go by them with a first make in order to find any technique that may be specifically helpful and for reviewing. She does an adequate job at explaining. However a beginner sewer may get hung up, for instance, after completing the first front facing piece because the instructions don’t have a “repeat for the left fron”. I know this is persnickety, but hey….this type of omission used to trip me up in the beginning when I required hand-holding.  One more thing, a preference really, is she instructs to interface both waistband pieces…that would make it too stiff for me. I only used light tricot interfacing on the inner band.

Likes/Dislikes:  The fit is perfect!  Note….loudly….the mini skirt length is shoooort. I am barely 5’3″ and pretty average proportioned. If I were 5’5″ or more, yikes. Considering this is an a-line skirt, when one bends ever so slightly, well can I just SA peep show!  Lady-like curtsy is the way to go here :D.  As for the drafting, she has done an excellent job as all markings and seam lines come together without a problem.  As for the design….loved the zipper pockets. I am not a fan of back pockets on a skirt, to me they always look weird.

Notes for next time:  And there will be another coming down the shoot. I want a suede semi-mini.  I think I will add 1″ internally as I want to maintain the sweep. That’s it!!

Now for the phot dump


Pleeeze leave me a comment if you know of a good source for some light weight suede….the real stuff!

The insides are just as nice looking although I just used my serger to finish the raw edges, but using a Hong Kong finish is definitely going to be on a 3rd version. I may open her up and add a pic after she is laundered 😊.

BTW, I just love the cross-hatch on this denim although it’s slight.

A little bit of WILDness!

Every once in a while, I want to make something to run around in that is a little bit crazy and outside of my norm.

On a recent YouTube webcast by Peggy Sagers of Silhouette patterns, she showed some leggings using some new fabric she has on her website…neon greenish-yellow with black animal print.  Yikes!  you might say, but they are really cool.  So I made an entire outfit that I plan to wear to an afternoon birthday party with the family at a casual restaurant and arcade.  Perfect!

Pattern and Fabric Deets:

Self-made:  Poncho/Cape click here for a tutorial. Fabric: Quilted Acrylic/Virgin Wool blended with Nylon bought at (unfortunately they don’t have it anymore).

StyleArc: Laura Knit Leggings. Fabric: Wild Cotton Jersey with stretch in both directions bought at

Jalie: 2805 Long Sleeved T-Shirt. Fabric: CottonLycra Jersey bought at Natures Fabrics

RTW:  New Boots bought at DSW (the most amazing shoe store EVER!!) I swear they pay me to shop there ;).

Now for the pictures….


this is a little Michael Jackson “Thrillerish”










If you’ve reached the bottom….thanks for taking a gander!  I had so much fun planning, sewing and wearing this today.  I had many looks and compliments [blush] :). Do you ever sew outside your normal style box? Please do feel free to comment either way….like or not, I so love to read comments.

Disclaimer: none of the links in this post are affiliate nor do I get anything for linking. I simply want to share in case it may help a future sewing friend!

ON TREND! LONG VEST… A quick make

Ooooh I’m so excited! We all know what TNTs are, but what about those times when you can use a pattern and make something completely different without having actually made up the originally intended garment.  This is one of those times for me.

I already have a Trenchcoat although it’s a casual rendition in leopard print twill.  This make is a long vest with a faux fur collar.  image

I used Barbara’s Trench which is a rendition based on the traditional Burberry Trenchcoat.  The story behind this is that it was an idea offered up by Peggy on a recent webcast.  I decided to splurge on the fabric she used in her version.  It was $29.99 per yard! Yikes…for a cotton knit.  The description is that it is dual sided…which it is, and it is black and dark gray….which it WASN’T!  When it arrived it was a sunny afternoon and I swore it looked blue, but I thought it was how the sun hit it.  I took it right to the wash so I could get my vest ASAP.  When it finished in the dryer, it still looked blue.  The flash of my camera brightens the blue tone but it really is a deep dark muted navy, if that makes sense.  I was entirely bummed, because I also bought a black, gray and white fur to use for the collar at the same time.  That was not going to happen….just look at the difference!  Not good.


I emailed Peggy right away and she was receptive…I could have returned it, but since I’d laundered it already…I thought hey why not use it. She has since corrected the listing :).   It’s wonderful rich feeling fabric with a perfect weight and drape for this make.  I searched for faux furs and took basically blind faith on the description alone….and what I settled on ended up a perfect compliment to my deep navy blue.  It is a really soft bluish gray polyester fur that washes beautifully as well!

As for the pattern changes, I cut the front a seam allowance away from the center front line, removing the double breasted-ness. All edges were serge finished, turned under and top stitched. I cut only the upper collar and attached the stand traditionally and sandwiched that unit over the neck edge and edge-stitched in place.  No closure needed. And voila!


As a bonus, now I know that the size I used will be good when I make the full version in a lovely rich wool cashmere flannel I just got from for $14.99/yard.  I should be hauled away to jail for that steal!  I know….cheesy, but hey I couldn’t resist….lol.

I’ve linked up at This is a fun way to connect with other sewists who are sharing their most current makes.

COMPLETED: Another ComfyCozy Dress…Lola of Victory Patterns

Last year I made the Jasper Sweater Dress from Paprika Patterns and I wear it often.  In my search, I also found Victory Patterns and bought Lola.  While both designs are sweatshirty, each have distinctive differences. imageLola has raglan sleeves and a flat ribbed neckline as well as roomy pockets on each side panel.  Another difference is the hi-lo waistline.  It’s sort of like an empire waist, but only in the front. Finally, the fit silhouettes my body more than with the Jasper.  My husband likes it that way ;).

I made the size 10 based on the finished garment measurements…I am really loving these pattern companies including FGM in ther patterns.  I never use my body measurements to select a size to make up anymore.  The fabric was a poly sweater knit from FabricMart…it didn’t list as such, but it is a hacci knit I think.  When it arrived, it wasn’t what I was expecting…it is a little shiny for my taste.  However, I think I like it….it worked for this make.  I didn’t spend very much…$5/yard.  It took just under 2 yards.  It’s a little lightweight for this pattern becaus it caused the pockets to droop a little…I guess I could say instead that they are slouch-pockets. Yes, I like that, it sounds like I did this intentionally ;).image

During the cutting and marking, I kept mumbling and grumbling under my breath that there are way too many notches….but I snipped every one of them.  As it turned out, it was really helpful to have all those match points!  I usually follow instructions the first time I use a new pattern….usually.  The instructions and illustrations are in a tidy little booklet, love that.  Sometimes those guidesheets from, say the Big4, require beating into submission!

As always I complete all the small pieces before construction.  That’s a sewing tip I highly recommend to all of you reading my blog.  It makes the whole project seem so much quicker, even though the time spent is probably the same if you were to track it.  But I’m not going to do that….I prefer to go on feelings and emotions. Ha!

I pretty much sewed it right out of the envelope (or box in this case ;)). The only pattern adjustment was to remove 2 and 1/4″ from the length. Initially I removed just 1″ internally.  Once it was almost done, I decided to remove another 1 and 1/4″ from the bottom.  I’m glad I did it this way because I think I like the pockets a little lower since they sort of slouch.  If they were higher up, they would add some width at my low hip area…no one wants to look wider, am-i-right?  I usually need to adjust for a sway back by 3/4″, but this fits really well at the back waist….I think the waistline seam paired with princess lines makes the difference for me on this one.  The only construction change I did was to fuse the back of the little triangle thingy at the CF neckline…it helped tame it for finishing the edges so it didn’t get stretched out in the process.image

I like it!  This dress is so comfy and could easily be something I will throw on to laze around the house with some legging or really high knee socks.  I’m sure I will make this again out of a really nice swearshirt fleece, but it will need to be of high quality with stretch for sure.  There are many design options with this pattern…like color blocking perhaps?


What do you think, have you made this or similar? Share what you’ve done….I like seeing what other sewers’ come up with. :).

COMPLETED: Ginger Jeans!

Its high time I post a review of these FABULOUS jeans.   01071641d2332f3052b255600ee99ac77db5bc8dfa I have made four pair since I jumped on the Closet Case Files Ginger Jeans bandwagon.   Heather Lou offers both print and PDF patterns.  These are the absolute best fitting RTW-esque jeans I’ve found.  Other patterns I have used are the Jalie 2908, Named Jamie, Silhouette 3300 and Angela Wolf Angel Bootcut AW4200.  All were okay, but required too many tweaks.  The other jean-like pattern I’ve made up are the Jalie Eleonore pull-on jeans…review of these is to follow.

Pattern Description: With a modern and flattering cut, Ginger Jeans are the daily staple you’ll reach for again and again. View A features a comfortable low rise with narrow stovepipe legs. View B is sexy and high-waist-ed with skinny legs and a tummy-slimming pocket stay.  Engineered to be as flattering as possible, Ginger Jeans feature subtly shaped back pockets to highlight the curve of the bum, slimming side seams and a higher back rise to prevent peekabooty. Designed for stretch denim, Ginger Jeans will hug you in all the right places.

Based on the finished garment measurements, I used a size 12  and made view A in each case. I am not a fan of the high waist-ed look and likely will never make version B. IMO my 5’3″ height is too squatty for a high waist-ed  pant. Continue reading

COMPLETED: GenevieveDesigns Sweater No. 3

Hello again!  I’m back with my entries for the Sweater Contest over at PatternReview.  I don’t expect to win, I simply wanted to join in on the fun and try my hand at drafting my own pattern.

I have a sweater that I love; it has been worn, washed and dried a zillion times.  It’s even taken on black dye from stupidly washing it with some black silk twill fabric which created a really cool gray coloration.  Unfortunately it only lasted for 4 more washes.  The sweater is 100% cotton and can has withstood a lot of abuse….thankfully.  imageSo it was my inspiration. Continue reading

COMPLETED: Islander Sewing Systems City Western Blouse #210

01138195de65c9a210e77b5e63c3fef5fe9372fdf3One day I was sitting outside of a Starbucks waiting for a meeting with my manager and this young woman walked by that caught my eye.  I probably looked a little strange staring at another chick, but who cares….I wanted to get the look since she was dressed the way I like to dress….Jeans, cowboy boots and a western shirt.  Anyone else find themselves staring at people that you want to copy their clothes?

When I was looking for fabric for my cape, I bought this great poly/rayon plaid twill…without a use in mind.  Then  I remembered that I had this pattern in my stash that I thought I’d never use because when I got it, I was not at all experienced enough to make a button up shirt.  Funny how things progress and minds change!  Thank goodness stashes exist…it was perfect!  The interesting thing is that it is the same pattern company that my cape came from and when I received my fabric, I immediately loved how they complemented each other.  It was a match made in heaven!

note:  I won this pattern along with some fat quarters of Pendelton Wool about 3 years ago at the Sewing Expo in Puyallup, WA Continue reading