MMMAY2016 week #1 Roundup!

My very first me made may participation has been a success. I wasn’t sure how I was going to post, daily or weekly or one big bang at the end of the month.  I think weekly is the way to go…it takes time to put together all the photos and words to go with. Besides, work has been in a word… a WHIRLWIND! (well 2words :))


My pledge was to wear an outfit daily, at least 2 me-made items. I am taking the weekend off…still wearing me-mades, but no selfies;).  Starting from top right…

Blouse: SilhouettePatterns #600; Boyfriend Jeans: Burda 6798

Top: PaprikaPatterns Onyx; Pant: Tessuti Demi

Jacket: BurdaStyle Sporty Parka; Pant: BurdaStyle 7447

Dress: Tessuti Annie; Sweater (not pictured 😦 sorry): MusePatterns Jenna Cardi

Skirt: PaulineAlice Rosari; Undies (definitely not pictured ;)): ClothHabit Watson Bikini

Reviews are coming on those not blogged already.

What have you worn…blogged, reviewed or not? Share in the comments…I love to read them :).

#MMMAY16 …a first for ME

My Pledge:

I, Genevieve of Sew-a-Button-on-Your-Underware!, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’16.  I endeavor to wear an outfit including at least two me-made items each day for the duration of May 2016.

This is super exciting for this newbie blogger. Every year for the past six, I admire those whom participate and am in awe of the dedication to wearing handmade clothes. Each are proudly showing the once lost skill, now much more appreciated through, in part, the world wide online community of sewers like you and me ;).

My pledge also includes an unstated desire to advertise to all that sewing our own clothing is not merely a hobby, but instead a highly skilled art of  pairing a specially curated piece of cloth with a pattern chosen just for it.

If you too want to participate you can go here to read all about the deets and decide if it’s a fit for you!

Day 1 is perfect for a Sunny Sunday!

It’s the Rosari skirt reviewed here. I must disclose however, I did not make my top, I bought it about 6 years ago at Macy’s. But to justify, I made my undies 😜 so I still consider it an outfit, right?? I love this top and thought it was perfect paired with my skirt.

COMPLETED: 70’s inspired Rosari Skirt

I am working on my Summer wardrobe and loving the boho trend right now. This skirt caught my eye a while back.  About the pattern:  Rosari Skirt by Pauline Alice; A-Line skirt, button opening in front with two length choices. Included are FOUR, yes 4, pocket options. I chose the PDF for the sake of instant grat 😉 and it was quick to put together.

Sizing: Euro 34 to 48. I used size 40 which closely matched my body measurements. She says the pattern is drafted for a 5′ 5″ woman.

Fabric: she suggests a woven or medium weight fabric with body. Ideas are denim, courduroy, suede…etc. I really really wanted a denim skirt, my denim was a 3/4yd piece left over from some jeans I’d made some time ago. This would be my fitting muslin.
Notions:  I used spring snaps for my closure for two reasons. 1) I have an AMAZING snap press and it’s fun to use. And 2) who wants to sew 8 perfectly aligned buttonholes crossing fingers and praying the whole time?! Well not me ;).  I used regular thread that blended well as I did not want to detract from the zippers or snaps.  My zips are YKK jeans zippers, purchased at wawak.

Instructions:  I didn’t really need them, but as I’ve said before…I always go by them with a first make in order to find any technique that may be specifically helpful and for reviewing. She does an adequate job at explaining. However a beginner sewer may get hung up, for instance, after completing the first front facing piece because the instructions don’t have a “repeat for the left fron”. I know this is persnickety, but hey….this type of omission used to trip me up in the beginning when I required hand-holding.  One more thing, a preference really, is she instructs to interface both waistband pieces…that would make it too stiff for me. I only used light tricot interfacing on the inner band.

Likes/Dislikes:  The fit is perfect!  Note….loudly….the mini skirt length is shoooort. I am barely 5’3″ and pretty average proportioned. If I were 5’5″ or more, yikes. Considering this is an a-line skirt, when one bends ever so slightly, well can I just SA peep show!  Lady-like curtsy is the way to go here :D.  As for the drafting, she has done an excellent job as all markings and seam lines come together without a problem.  As for the design….loved the zipper pockets. I am not a fan of back pockets on a skirt, to me they always look weird.

Notes for next time:  And there will be another coming down the shoot. I want a suede semi-mini.  I think I will add 1″ internally as I want to maintain the sweep. That’s it!!

Now for the phot dump


Pleeeze leave me a comment if you know of a good source for some light weight suede….the real stuff!

The insides are just as nice looking although I just used my serger to finish the raw edges, but using a Hong Kong finish is definitely going to be on a 3rd version. I may open her up and add a pic after she is laundered 😊.

BTW, I just love the cross-hatch on this denim although it’s slight.