More Harriet Bra Fun!


This week has been full of lingerie making. I know bras are all I have been sharing lately, but it’s just s fun 😍. I swear, every time I go to cleanup my studio, I see some lace scraps and get completely inspired. And it helps that we’ve just had Valentine’s Day…what better way to celebrate than with some new handmade pretty things 😊.

I’ll share the most recent edition, a bra with panties to match. This lace is spectacular but I can’t recall where I bought it, although it was either ArteCraftShop or TailorMade.

Harriet version C, Watson Bikini

The next is a satin and lace beauty. The lace was left over from the halter bra I made that can be seen here and the satin was from SewSassy. I even had enough lace for 2 different panty styles. The first is with my fave Watson Bikini and the other are Esme by EvieLaLuve.

This bra is the most comfy and well-fitting underwire bra I’ve ever had.

Thanks for indulging me. ❤️



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