Winner! Pass-the-Pattern

Happy Mother’s Day for all the Mommas out there! I hope you all are spending your day with feelings of bliss.image

For new followers, PTP is explained here. With Spring in full swing and Summer close behind, this is a winner of a pattern. It sews up extremely fast and without sleeves, uses minimal yardage. For those in the Southern Hemisphere, the sleeve option and an appropriate fabrication…you will enjoy her as well.

With only two entries 😞, it was not necessary to use a random number generator…a bit overkill don’t ya think? So I put each name on a tiny folded post it and my husband picked from his cap.  Congratulations to Susan at susansewsdaily!  I will email you privately for your address, but you need to put your email address in the comments 😊. I can’t wait to see what Susan comes up with 😀.  As well, I am excited to get Susan’s pattern choice from her stash.

Thanks to the both of you, Deb and Susan for joining in on the fun. And thank you Marijana and Lesley for starting PTP.




5 thoughts on “Winner! Pass-the-Pattern

  1. Genevieve,
    Wow! I am excited!
    Can’t wait to receive the Issy. I am going through my stash to find something to send to you.
    When you email me for my snail mail addy,please send yours.
    What fun!


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