COMPLETED: 70’s inspired Rosari Skirt

I am working on my Summer wardrobe and loving the boho trend right now. This skirt caught my eye a while back.  About the pattern:  Rosari Skirt by Pauline Alice; A-Line skirt, button opening in front with two length choices. Included are FOUR, yes 4, pocket options. I chose the PDF for the sake of instant grat 😉 and it was quick to put together.

Sizing: Euro 34 to 48. I used size 40 which closely matched my body measurements. She says the pattern is drafted for a 5′ 5″ woman.

Fabric: she suggests a woven or medium weight fabric with body. Ideas are denim, courduroy, suede…etc. I really really wanted a denim skirt, my denim was a 3/4yd piece left over from some jeans I’d made some time ago. This would be my fitting muslin.
Notions:  I used spring snaps for my closure for two reasons. 1) I have an AMAZING snap press and it’s fun to use. And 2) who wants to sew 8 perfectly aligned buttonholes crossing fingers and praying the whole time?! Well not me ;).  I used regular thread that blended well as I did not want to detract from the zippers or snaps.  My zips are YKK jeans zippers, purchased at wawak.

Instructions:  I didn’t really need them, but as I’ve said before…I always go by them with a first make in order to find any technique that may be specifically helpful and for reviewing. She does an adequate job at explaining. However a beginner sewer may get hung up, for instance, after completing the first front facing piece because the instructions don’t have a “repeat for the left fron”. I know this is persnickety, but hey….this type of omission used to trip me up in the beginning when I required hand-holding.  One more thing, a preference really, is she instructs to interface both waistband pieces…that would make it too stiff for me. I only used light tricot interfacing on the inner band.

Likes/Dislikes:  The fit is perfect!  Note….loudly….the mini skirt length is shoooort. I am barely 5’3″ and pretty average proportioned. If I were 5’5″ or more, yikes. Considering this is an a-line skirt, when one bends ever so slightly, well can I just SA peep show!  Lady-like curtsy is the way to go here :D.  As for the drafting, she has done an excellent job as all markings and seam lines come together without a problem.  As for the design….loved the zipper pockets. I am not a fan of back pockets on a skirt, to me they always look weird.

Notes for next time:  And there will be another coming down the shoot. I want a suede semi-mini.  I think I will add 1″ internally as I want to maintain the sweep. That’s it!!

Now for the phot dump


Pleeeze leave me a comment if you know of a good source for some light weight suede….the real stuff!

The insides are just as nice looking although I just used my serger to finish the raw edges, but using a Hong Kong finish is definitely going to be on a 3rd version. I may open her up and add a pic after she is laundered 😊.

BTW, I just love the cross-hatch on this denim although it’s slight.

5 thoughts on “COMPLETED: 70’s inspired Rosari Skirt

    1. 🙂 This is a tiny eensy bit too short for me. I always wonder if there is an age cutoff for certain fashion trends. My husband, of course loves it! LOL!


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