fabric-STASH! = @home-fabric-store

What got me thinking about writing about our waxing and waning stashes, is that I’ve recently (a month ago :/) won a fabric bundle from Lauren at http://www.spitupandstillettos.com.  It included 5 1 yard pieces of some really fun cotton Lycra (I think) knits.  I entered for the give-away and was one of the winners!  Thank you Lauren and Alyson Clair Collaboration :).image

Many of us home sewers have a stash, and wrongly give it a shameful mention when the prospect of adding yet another piece of yardage arises.  I say just shift your paradigm and redefine what a stash is.  I have.  My stash is my own curated @home-fabric-store. Curated because I only purchase carefully selected yardage that I know I will love.

Most of the time I buy fabric simply because I love the color, print or texture and know it will find its purpose one day.  On occasion, I purchase fabric for a specific make and complete it right away. However there are times my intentions change when I’m daydreaming…or night dreaming as it were.  I love when I see an inspiration and go shopping in my @home-fabric-store and get to see and feel my way through my stash to find the perfect match.  I guess you could say I’m being environmentally responsible, after all I didn’t have to use any gas, right?

I think I need to hire new help...this is a mess!
I think I need to hire new help…this is a mess!


Depending on how long a piece of fabric has been around, it may be considered free when you make it into something other than its original shape.  By that I mean it can be a garment, quilt, bag or whatever makes your sewing machine sing. My sewing machine’s favorite tune is clothing 😜.

There have been only a couple of times when my stash was less than 5 pieces over the years, but now, and really at any given time it’s upwards of 20, 30, 40 pieces. And that is probably not even accurate. Haha!image

Stashing is not relegated to fabric only.  Don’t forget nOrion’s, notions and more notions!  Every sewer needs to have an assortment of zippers, buttons, snaps and various tapes to rifle through when planning a make. I add to this section of my @home-fabric-store often.  This creates a much more relaxed planning process since I don’t have to worry about going to the local fabric store where they might not have what I need or want. Thread, needles, interfacing and stay tapes remain in more than adequate supply.  In fact I need to reorder more black tricot interfacing.image

imageTwo of my fave online sources are Wawak and Pacific Trimming for zippers, snaps, cool buttons, needles and thread.  For my go-to tricot interfacing, I use Silhouette Patterns. It is wonderful stuff.  There are other shops that I may buy from, but I won’t bore you as I’m sure you have your faces as well.  Let me know if you’d like a list of where I like to shop and I may put together a page with sources.

See, there’s no need to feel guilty or ashamed when deciding if buying that 2 or 3 yards of luxurious wool/silk suiting is necessary.  Just consider it as adding to your curated @home-fabric-store!

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